Free WordPress Theme – Midnight-Blue

@2008-Sep-16 news:

Check out the new Midnight-Blue-Plus theme!

@2008-Aug-31 update:

Midnight-Blue is currently hosted at, pleast rate it and leave your comments to encourage me keep going ;D

Latest download link: Midnight-Blue v1.2 download

Latest demo site: Midnight-Blue v1.2 demo

@2008-Jul-30 update:

New version 1.2 released today!

Bug fixed: display problem when post contains floating image.

Download v1.2 | Demo

(Midnight-Blue is currently hosted at, check above for links.)

@2008-Jul-27 update:

New version 1.1 released today!

After reviewed by Theme Directory, several problems are found and have been fixed.

Download Midnight-Blue v1.1: zip file

See the demo site: here

(Midnight-Blue is currently hosted at, check above for links.)

@first release note:

Midnight Blue is a two-column, widgets ready theme for WordPress. This is version 1.0, first release, tested under WordPress 2.5.1 (IE7.0 and Firefox The logo psd file is included in the release. Check out the screenshot, demo site and download link below.

midnight blue WordPress theme screenshot

demo site | download Midnight-Blue v1 zip file, tar.gz file

(Midnight-Blue is currently hosted at, check above for links.)


  1. Extract the /midnight-blue/ folder from the zipped file
  2. Upload this folder to the /wp-contents/themes/ directory
  3. Choose the theme in the admin dashboard

If it’s too complicated for you, read the installation instructions on the WordPress Codex.

Todos(but not scheduled):

  • #cleanup the style file
  • #comments numbering
  • #separate trackback and comments
  • #404 page
  • #archives page


2008/06/23 – Need to fix: PNG image displaying problem for IE6