Free WordPress Theme – Midnight-Blue-Plus


Midnight-Blue-Plus is a dark blue, right sidebar, widget ready theme designed for WordPress. Tested under WordPress 2.6.2 in Firefox 2/3, Google Chrome and IE 7.


Compared with the previous theme, Midnight-Blue-Plus has some changes and new features:

- Gradient background color

- Widget ready

- Two sidebars (one right sidebar, another in footer)

- Avatar supported

- New sidebar appearance


Here are two screenshots of the index page and single page:

Preview and download

Live demo | download zip file


  1. Extract the /midnight-blue-plus/ folder from the zipped file
  2. Upload this folder to the /wp-contents/themes/ directory
  3. Choose and active the theme in the admin dashboard


First release


Please let me know if any.

18 thoughts on “Free WordPress Theme – Midnight-Blue-Plus

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  11. o6asan


    thank you for a nice free theme.

    Though someone already let you know about it, I found out A bug to the display of the comment posting time.

    That is in the line 37 on the file “midnight-blue-plus/comments.php”. I replaced ‘the_time’ with ‘comment_time’, then it was fixed.


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