Create multi Chrome Profiles for multi users on same computer

One of the great features of Google Chrome is that you can set up more than one user profiles and run different Chrome instances at the same time.

Why Would I Create More Than One Chrome Profiles

So you can run more than one instances of Chrome at the same time. And each instance runs with different set of extensions, themes, login, cookies, histories and bookmarks etc.

This would be extremely useful when your computer is shared by more than one people, e.g. you and your partner. Or, you have a profile for home use and another for dev or testing purpose.

How to Add New User Profile in Google Chrome

– Open Chrome Settings (the 3 horizontal bars icon at upper-right corner)

– Type in ‘Users’ (without the single quotation mark)

– Click the ‘Add new user’ button

– Give the new profile a name, select an icon, click ‘Create’